Christmas Shopping and Gift Cards.... December 03, 2014 14:59


I love to shop – don’t get me wrong. It is one of my favourite pastimes.


And I love to shop for other people – however let’s face it, everyone ends up having to find a gift for someone who is SO HARD to buy for. This can be for a variety of reasons but it always ends up with the same are wandering around the mall aimlessly waiting for the perfect gift to jump out at you. Which rarely happens and then you end up grabbing your favourite Starbucks beverage, maybe buying yourself something to keep up your spirits...and going home without that person checked off your list. getting a gift card for that person caving in? Giving up? Taking the easy way out?


I love to receive Gift Cards! There is no better feeling once the holidays are over and you have this “mad money” sitting in your wallet waiting to be turned into something amazing. When someone gives me a gift card – I don’t think that they couldn’t be bothered to put the effort into buying me the perfect gift. I am thrilled! On the giving side I always add a little something extra in addition to the gift card – it could be chocolates or a Christmas ornament - just a little something to go with the gift card because we all like to have something to open.


Let’s face it we all have enough stress at the holidays without adding to some of your precious time and think about giving a gift card this year – without guilt. And use that saved time to meet up with a friend or loved one and give them the best gift of all – your time!