CLOCKS..they are not just for telling time January 15, 2015 14:43



Let’s face it; we certainly do not need a clock anymore to tell the time.  Every single appliance we are using at any time of the day has a clock...our computer, our phone, our cable box, our microwave...the list goes on and on.  We are probably not even consciously aware of how many clocks we have until there is a power outage.  Resetting all those clocks can be a real pain!


So why buy another clock?  Because there are some simply beautiful timepieces out there and the addition of any of these can create a new focal point in a room, or add that little bit of sparkle to a room that needs a touch of pizzazz. 


And as an extra added bonus....these don’t need resetting if there is a power outage :)


Here are a few of the options available in our store...